Introducing Kaloom Software-Defined Fabric

Introducing Kaloom Software-Defined Fabric
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Module Outline

Introducing Kaloom Flow Fabric

  1. Kaloom Software Defined Fabric Features
  2. Kaloom Software Defined Fabric (SDF): Introduction
  3. Kaloom Software Defined Fabric (SDF): Solution Highlights

About the Module

About Kaloom

Kaloom (www.kaloom.comis a data center networking company based in Montreal (Canada) and the Silicon Valley (USA). Kaloom's experienced team created The Kaloom Software Defined Fabric™ (SDF), an innovative data center networking fabric built for large enterprises, hyperscale data centers, and service providers.

Kaloom SDF is a completely automated software-based data center networking solution that provides high bandwidth, low-latency and massive scalability. It is a fully programmable networking fabric to rapidly and efficiently implement L2-L7 functionality, such as routing, switching and load-balancing directly inside the fabric.